Help in education, nutrition and groceries



We empower families to become productive citizen in their communities through the benefits of education. We promote American culture and civic values in immigrant communities through the AMERICA IS ONE program


We provide essential foods and products to the communities by following the MyPlate (USDA) nutritional guidelines.

Our goal is to integrate school and home to create a community around nutrition and health, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables among low-income children and their families through the NUTRITION BAGS FOR FAMILIES program.


We provide food to the needs families during these times of global crisis, as well as training on the importance of a nutritious diet.

With proper nutrition, families can grow, develop, and prosper to their full potential.

We work with local organizations to ensure that families living in poverty receive much-needed supplies.

Poverty leads to hunger, but if we work together, we can create a world where no family is short of food at their table, HELP ON THE WAY program.


We work with community leaders, supporting our neighbors and always together towards recovery. Our team of volunteers is ready to response to deliver drinking water, hygiene items and basic food to the most vulnerable communities.